Marconi Platform Antenna: Faster construction, easier maintenance, higher efficiency, and lower total cost


At the 2023 Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum, Huawei launched the Marconi platform antenna, the industry’s first antenna with horizontal azimuth obtaining and adjusting capabilities. The Marconi platform antenna aims to help operators improve their network construction and O&M efficiency through tech innovations in antenna form factor, architecture, and new digital capabilities.

Antenna site deployment difficulties and O&M efficiency are factors that restrict network development for operators. Overcoming these challenges has become a key focus in the industry. Marconi platform antenna solves these challenges, through adopting multiple innovative technologies, bringing new breakthroughs in operator network construction and O&M speed, efficiency and TCO.

  • Marconi platform antenna provides antenna engineering parameters remotely, through an integrated high-precision, fast-response antenna self-awareness unit. This helps operators reduce installation errors and avoid on-site surveys, improving deployment and maintenance efficiency.
  • Marconi platform antenna integrates Remote Azimuth Steering functionality, expanding antenna beam adjustment capabilities from traditional one-dimensional (vertical) to two-dimensional (both vertical and horizontal). This enables operators to efficiently realize their max network performance, dynamically and remotely optimizing antennas in sites, even with changing site conditions.
  • The compact size and cylindrical design of the Marconi antenna, by reducing the wind load effective projected area (EPA) by more than 50%, helps operators overcome antenna deployment restrictions and reduce site rental fees.

The Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum is the largest communication platform in the antenna industry. It has been held for 12 consecutive years since 2012. Themed “0 Limit, 0 Loss, and 0 Touch,” this year’s edition brought together in Prague antenna experts from global operators, manufacturers, academia, and industry organizations to share ideas and discuss the direction of next-generation antennas in terms of form factor, architecture, and key capabilities.

Eric Zhao, the President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, said: “As 5G networks continue to develop and evolve, antenna innovation and evolution play an increasingly important role in simplifying network deployment, saving energy, and improving O&M efficiency. Huawei antennas will continue to innovate in antenna form factor, energy efficiency and digital capabilities, helping operators achieve efficient network deployment and evolution, and achieve business success in the 5G era.”


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