The SLGJA presents FACETS Sri Lanka 2024: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Gems and Jewellery


The Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association (SLGJA) in partnership with the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) and the Export Development Board (EDB) is delighted to announce that FACETS Sri Lanka, Asia’s premier gem and jewellery exhibition will be held at the Atrium Lobby of the Cinnamon Grand from January 6 to 8, 2024. The SLGJA, formed in 2002, is the apex body for the gem and jewellery industry in Sri Lanka and represents all subsectors of the trade. Over the years FACETS Sri Lanka has become an important event in the international gem and jewellery calendar and this year too, it will serve as a much looked-forward to meeting point for the global gem and jewellery sector, attracting prominent traders, gemstone and jewellery wholesalers, exporters, manufacturers, lapidarists, retailers, and collectors from across the globe.

Sri Lanka has earned worldwide recognition as a veritable treasure trove of gemstones, renowned for producing some of the finest specimens in the world. As the oldest source country for coloured gemstones, Sri Lanka boasts a unique and vibrant selection of gemstones, complemented by exquisitely crafted jewellery that seamlessly blends international trends with elements of local culture.

Altaf Iqbal, Chairman of FACETS Sri Lanka, shared his comments on the upcoming show, and the new features of FACETS Sri Lanka 2024. “We are excited to announce the 30th edition of FACETS Sri Lanka in January of 2024. There will be a host of new additions to the show, such as the Sustainable Pavilion and the Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion, which are sure to add to what is already an amazingly comprehensive gem and jewellery showcase.”

There will be several Pavilions showcased at FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 including the Premier Gem Pavilion, Premier Jewellery Pavilion, Sustainable Pavilion, Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion, Rough Stone Pavilion, Gem Lab Pavilion, NGJA SME Pavilion, and the SLGJA Gem and Jewellery Pavilion. The event will also feature a special ‘Reminisce of the Past’ Event. The Premier Gem Pavilion has been a part of FACETS Sri Lanka since its inception. It will consist of leading Sri Lankan gem dealers who have been a part of FACETS Sri Lanka over an extended period of time, showcasing their gems for sale. The Premier Jewellery Pavilion will consist of prominent local jewellers, displaying their gems and finely crafted jewellery.

The Sustainable Pavilion is a first for FACETS Sri Lanka and will present the historical evolution of Sri Lanka’s gem and jewellery sector, along with its sustainability-related methods and approaches. It will also display the 2300-year history of the Sri Lankan gem trade from mine to market. The Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion, which is another first in Sri Lanka, will display large, precious stones, and will be on sale on the final day of the show. The Rough Stone Pavilion will feature and display rough stones from all sourcing countries of the world.

The Premier Gem Lab Pavilion brings together leading local and international gem labs together under one roof. The NGJA SME Pavilion will offer selected SMEs from across the country to showcase their gems and jewellery. The SLGJA Gem and Jewellery Pavilion will showcase gem and jewellery stalls from SLGJA members.

The ‘Reminisce of the Past’ event will feature a variety of speakers including senior gem and jewellery merchants who will speak about a variety of topics including how business was conducted in the past, and how the industry has evolved from the early years of humble beginings, to what it is today.

Since its inception in 1991, FACETS Sri Lanka has thrived for 30 years, solidifying Sri Lanka’s reputation on the global stage as a premier destination for precious gems and jewellery. This exhibition consistently draws numerous international exhibitors and buyers and is a highly recommended destination for anyone in the Gem and Jewellery Industry. FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 will focus on the emotional resonance of design and craftsmanship and their evolution throughout history. Furthermore, it will offer insights into the future growth trajectory of the industry, emerging trends in jewellery design, and its anticipated appeal to a global audience in the years to come.

Image Caption: Members of the Head Table of the FACETS Launch Press Conference


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