Gearing up for the New Working Environment


No one could have predicted the COVID-19 crisis or the measures that would be necessary to effectively combat such a threat. Fortunately, due to its very nature, the IT-BPM sector already had some WFH protocols in place making it easier for the sector to adapt with approximate 90% of companies being able to ensure zero or very minimal interruptions to their regular operations.

Understanding that adapting to this new and unfamiliar landscape would need a coordinated and concerted approach, the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies (SLASSCOM), the Knowledge and Innovation Chamber, has taken leadership with several initiatives such as facilitating the necessary assistance to the IT-BPM sector; in the form of allowing for essential operations to continue such as access to servers and movement of essential personnel for troubleshooting and mission critical systems maintenance.

With the easing of the lockdown and a call to return to work, many companies in the IT-BPM sector have indicated that they would continue with WFH but those who need to work from office will return to work. 

SLASSCOM identified the need to have one document and is developing a best practice guide for member companies on going back to work. This document is a collation of information provided by guidelines issued by the authorities and other national and international organizations as well as best practices at member organizations.

A roundtable discussion was held on Friday 8th May to review the draft document and include best practices that these companies already had in place or are planning on implementing. Joining the discussion were HR Heads and decision makers from several different companies.

There are many aspects of the workplace that will need new safety measures such as entering the office, meetings, events and travelling. There is also guidance around what steps need to be taken if COVID-19 does spread in your workplace and what must be done to protect everyone.

We hope this collaboration and the creation of this document will aid SLASSCOM member companies in navigating the new working environment. The document will be released in the coming week, keep an eye out on SLASSCOM announcements on their social media platforms.

Also, understanding that during this period there might be underutilization of resources in the industry due to lack of contact and communication, SLASSCOM recently launched a new initiative to bring people together by creating a private Facebook group, ‘SLASSCOM Industry Bench’.This closed Facebook page is for members to communicate and cooperate, to achieve their organizational needs of utilization and deployment of staff and would benefit Project Heads, Tech Heads, and CEOs to allocate their resources and requirements in exchange for filling up any vacancy or needs. This group will also act as a collaborative resource center for project opportunities to share resources for short term assignments.

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