Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville debuts in a virtual book launch


First time author, A. A. Moses recently launched her novel, Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville in a virtual event in September engaging viewers in fun quizzes and a captivating book reading. The novel which was published by The Jam Fruit Tree Publications encompasses a spray of magic on every page that transcends reality, things unseen and unheard. Its overriding visual imagery takes the readers (anyone who is young at heart) to a magical realm and lets them be inspired.

The story revolves around a socially awkward 14-year old girl named Jamie who stumbles upon a creature from a magical world and that completely changes her life. On her journey to help  save Floffinville, she meets a range of magical creatures and navigates overwhelming challenges. In the midst of it all she finds strength within herself which she never knew she had before.

One of the core themes of Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville is the power of words and the magic that can be experienced by believing in yourself. It emphasizes the healing power and change words can bring about if used in the right way. Especially in this day and age where the skill of writing is overlooked. Every new experience is a potential life lesson for a child or teenager and they don’t always see things the way the rest of the world does which leads to confusion. Jamie makes sense of the world – real and magical – through her diary and writing. She finds that the true power of words lies within. 

In her introduction to Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville and what inspired her to write this novel, the author, A. A. Moses said: “I am a first time author with a day job but a huge passion for writing. I have chosen a career which involves working a lot with children and I love how their imagination works and their creative outlook of the world around them. They inspire me every day. The idea of Jamie and this magical world came to me as I reflected on my own childhood and thought about how I always dreamed of a magical world. I wanted writing to be a key element of this book, as when I was a child and then a teenager, I found solace and peace through writing. Some of the characters and places that feature have been influenced by my life experiences and travels. The rest is purely from the depths of my imagination. Having the ability to pour your thoughts and worries onto paper with no judgement always made me feel happy, so I wanted to share this experience with others.

On another note, I would like to thank The Jam Fruit Tree Publications for supporting local authors and helping us see a dream turn into reality and smell the fresh, crisp pages of a new book in our hands.”

Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville is now available at The Jam Fruit Tree Publications Book Shop and book lovers can also get it delivered to their doorsteps by placing an order with them (072 726 8078).

Photo Captions

  1. Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville cover page
  2. Author of  Jamie’s Magical Adventures in Floffinville, A. A. Moses
  3. A. A. Moses with the editor of Jam Fruit Tree Publications, Jeremy Muller

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